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For rifles, the 55 grain #1390 Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet has been designed for the shooter who prefers the rapid expansion characteristics of the hollow point design. This bullet delivers devastating expansion on varmints and small game, and in many rifles it routinely delivers match-grade accuracy, which are vital considerations for long-range varmint shooting. The large, open point makes this a very dependable bullet for all 22 centerfire cartridges, except the very smallest where case capacity limits muzzle velocities with 55 grain bullets.

In handguns, this Hollow Point Boat Tail 55 grain #1390 bullet with its cavernous opening can be used for short-range varmint shooting in handguns chambering the 223 Remington or larger cartridges. This bullet is built with Sierra’s high velocity design and is capable of extremely high accuracy.

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Diameter (inches)

Weight (grains)
55 Gr.

Sectional Density

Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges
.185 @ 2800 fps and above .189 between 2800 and 1800 fps .193 @ 1800 fps and below

Box Count
100 Bullets