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BT21: Atlas TRG Bracket

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he BT21 Atlas TRG Bracket (ATB) is designed for use with the Sako TRG line of rifles utilizing the TRG bipod attachment slot. The ATB provides a forward mounting position which is also closer to the bore-line.

It is designed for use with either the 2-screw clamp (BT10, BT65, BT69, BT72) or quick detach lever (indicated by “LW17”) models of Atlas Bipods, which would mount directly to the Picatinny Rail portion of the ATB. Although the No Clamp (NC) models can be mounted onto the ATB, it requires installation of the bipod during the installations of the ATB prior to reassembly of stock. THIS RESULTS IN A SEMI-PERMANENT, DEDICATION OF THE BIPOD TO THAT PARTICULAR RIFLE.

The ATB is constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum with a Type III hard anodized finish, heat treated alloy steel with a Manganese Phosphate finish. Fasteners included. Available in black only.