FREYR F196 .30 TITANIUM 1/2X28

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Featherweight 196 is the silencer for those who are looking for the optimum hunting suppressor. Weighing in at 196 grams it offers the suppression level of a full-size suppressor in a small and remarkably light package. At this weight it has hardly any effect on the natural balance of the rifle. This makes it ideal for driven hunts, stalking and when handling dogs.

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Suppression: 29-31 dB
Weight: Approx. 196g
Length in front of muzzle: 109 mm
Total Length: 154 mm
Diameter: 49.5 mm

Core: Titanium

Casing: Hard anodized aluminum

Baffle stack and tube: Hard anodized aluminum

M13x1, M14x1, M14x1.5, M15x1, M16x1, M17x1, M18x1, M18x1.5

⁷⁄₁₆”28, ½”28, ½”20, ⁹⁄₁₆”24, ⅝”24

Spigot insert: M14, M15, M17


Standard calibers