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Brilliant Optics
Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness.

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Versatile Six-Ratio Magnification
With the scope set to 1x and the centre circle & dot illuminated LX3 1-6×24 is an effective zero magnification holographic weapon sight, perfect for most types of close-up speed shooting; the maximum magnification setting of 6x is ideal for bushveld hunting as well as action sport shooting.

3GS Tactical Reticle for Big Bore Hunting and Sport Shooting
Clean and unobtrusive by design, Lynx 3GS reticle makes it a cinch to hit both nearby and faraway targets quickly and accurately without having to adjust the scope. IPSC, IDPA and 3GN sport shooters using the 5.56x45mm cartridge will easily hit the target from 10 to 300 metres away, while big bore rifle hunters and regular sport shooters can use the 3GS reticle to compensate for the trajectory of heavier bullets over distances up to 200 metres.

Although primarily intending it for use in IPSC, IDPA and 3GN-style sport shooting, tests in the field have proven that the same design‐elements that make the 3GS reticle good for IPSC make it perfect for bushveld and big bore rifle hunters as well. With magnification set to 1 the brightly illuminated centre circle and dot performs as an effective zero magnification red dot or holographic weapon sight; at 6x the reticle is good for longer‐range precision shooting. The bottom vertical post has a twelve‐step mil ranging scale and the centre circle‐and‐dot simultaneously provides for both fast and high accuracy shot placement depending on the immediate situation. At 6x, when the centre aiming dot is zeroed at 200 metres, the bottom of the centre aiming circle is a precise 300 metre hold‐over aiming point for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. The 200m zero is also a very useful setting for close‐quarters shooting from 10 metres to 50 metres for most calibres, and will enable hunt‐accurate shooting up to 300m without the need to adjust the scope. The expanding graduations in the four outer posts are designed primarily to lead the shooter’s eye to the centre aiming area but also serve as holding off aiming points for fast‐moving targets.


Recoil tested up to .450 Rigby, LX3 1-6×24 is suitable for everyday use on any bushveld calibre. The 30mm thick-walled scope tube is contoured specifically to fit over long actions and, when the scope is correctly mounted and proper shooting posture is observed, the 100mm-plus eye relief will make sure that a safe distance is maintained between your brow and the scope eyepiece at all times.

Actual Magnification: 1.0 5.9
Exit pupil diameter (mm): 12 4.06
Eye-relief (mm): 111 mm 106 mm
Actual FOV: 21.75° 3.75°
Objective diameter: 24 mm
Total Windage range: 100 MOA
Total Elevation range: 120 MOA
Tube diameter: 30 mm
Water proof: Positive internal pressure 300 kPa. Submersible 1 metre for 60
Recoil proof: 1000 G
Fog proof: Dry nitrogen purged
Temperature operating range: -17 to +70 °C
Reticle: 3GS Tactical
Dot size: Dot subtends 1/2 MOA @ 6x
Battery type: CR2032
Switch type: Rotary. 11 brightness settings with “off” position between
each setting
Parallax: Fixed. 100 m
Eyepiece: European-style fast focus
Antireflective lens coating: Fully multi coated
Windage / Elevation control: Finger adjustable
Windage click value: 1/4 MOA
Elevation click value: 1/4 MOA
Length: 265 mm
Weight: 525 g
Country of manufacture Japan