P GLOCK 45 GEN5 9mm

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It would be an understatement to say that the 19X has been received well into the market. More than 100 000 worldwide sales in the first 6 months is not shabby. At the Glock Shop we are in constant flux between having stock and being sold out of the 19X. The single biggest inquiry we have is: “Will it ever be made in black?” Essentially, is that what the Glock G 45 is? A black 19X. You be the judge.

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nDLC vs nPVD
Let’s start with the coating though. The 19X has a nPVD coating. The G 45 has nDLC coating – the same coating as all the new Gen 5’s. The main difference being that PVD deposits a group of metals in a vapour form on the steel components, DLC uses a form of carbon. Once the carbon is coated, the surface is super chilled, much like how synthetic diamonds are made. The result is an extremely hard and wear-resistant finish. Hence – DLC -Diamond Like Coating.

Front Serrations FS Slide
In 2017 Glock made a limited production run of G 17’s and 19’s with front and rear serrations. This model was called the FS model. Not only do the front serrations give the operator additional points of purchase to crank that slide, but the front serrations also look Uber cool. The limited-edition Glock 17 and 19 FS models have become collector’s items. There are not so many around and they demand a premium price. The good news is that the Glock G 45 has front serrations as a permanent design enhancement.

Glock G45 Overall Design.
The overall design configuration of the new Glock combines the compact length of the G19 slide with the full-size grip frame of the G17. Just like the 19X. All the new Gen 5 features such as improved barrel, smoother shooting trigger, ambidextrous slide stop, and reversible mag catch. The Gen 4 finger grooves are gone and the grip has an improved texture for superior traction. The new Glock comes complete with a Modular Backstrap System, which includes three different backstrap inserts to allow users to customize the fit of the gun to their hands.