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Reliability, safety and accuracy are the main attributes of the TS. DTS (dual trigger safety), allowed to the innovative design and design mechanism, ensures the model for the safe job and the maintenance facility. Series weapons also have an efficient staying system against powder, sand and sludge and are ideal for use in special forces and under extreme conditions. DTS: DUAL TRIGGER SAFETY Taurus TS gun models feature a new trigger lock system, known as DTS or Dual Trigger Safety, which consists of a trigger lock that is already applied to several models of our line, a mechanical lock after the trigger, which prevents any action of the trigger while in the safe position. This mechanical lock can be easily activated and allows the weapon to be unlocked extremely fast allowing ready use and use. NEW DISASSEMBLY SYSTEM The fact that the TS does not have passages and openings for the mechanism is mainly due to its innovative design, which the main pillar is its innovative system of disassembling the bolt, made through a button inside the guardamato. This button allows the side dismantling levers not to be required and causes the bolt to be dismantled from the top of the gun, not having to move it horizontally through the sliding guides. STANDARD SYSTEM The innovative design of the TS gun allows it to have no open edges or traces of any impurities to the weapon mechanism. This allows the weapon to go through much more extreme situations such as mud, sand and dust. ERGONOMIC HANDLE WITH INTERCHANGEABLE BACKSTRAPS The new handle design provides a better grip for the user in shooting situations, both when wearing gloves and without. TS models also feature interchangeable backstraps, thus making the gun fit any size of grip.

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Caliber: 9mm Luger

Magazine Capacity:17+1

Action: Striker-Fire

Barrel Length: 102mm