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One of the great things about reloading ammunition is the wide variety of tools, equipment, components, cartridges, and firearms that you get to work with. Just when you think you’ve tried everything, you learn of a new powder, cartridge (Ex: 22 Nosler, sounds interesting!), press, rifle, or bullet. That’s what makes shooting and reloading a “lifetime hobby” – there’s always something new to learn or experiment with. In this post, I’m going to cover the RCBS Full-Length Competition Die set, which has some features I hadn’t tried prior to putting together this story.

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Full-Length Sizer
I really like the way this full-length sizer works. With Imperial Case Sizing Wax, sizing was smooth and efficient. I had no issues dialing in the .001″ of shoulder bump that I had decided on for use in my Ruger Precision Rifle (thanks to my L.E. Wilson case gage and depth micrometer!). The elevated expander ball is also a nice touch- I do like the fact that the neck expansion action is more towards the middle of the stroke rather than just off the lower end of ram travel. I’m also continuing to love the MEC Marksman single-stage press– it’s got the smoothest ram travel of any press I’ve tried!

Competition Windowed Seating Die
The seating die is great for three reasons:

The sleeve ensures optimal alignment between the case and bullet (I measured +/1 .0005″ runout).
The window enables easy fumble-free bullet placement, even for flat base bullets.
The micrometer makes seating depth adjustment easy and deterministic.