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The RCBS® Hand Case Neck Turner is designed to peel brass from the outside of a case neck to a consistent thickness. This step is important because most commercially available brass has variances in neck thickness. This variance can lead to case neck concentricity and bullet run-out issues. Truing up the case neck with our Hand Case Neck Turner produces more consistent and accurate hand-loaded ammunition. The cutter portion uses caliber-specific pilot/mandrels (sold separately) to guide the case neck. The cutter design can zero the cutter to the pilot/mandrel and then use the micrometer adjustment to dial the desired case neck thickness in .0005-inch increments. The cutter can also be set for right or left-handed use. If you are trying to get the most accuracy and consistency possible out of your hand-loaded ammunition try turning your case necks.

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Adjustable to .0005 inch increments
Ambidextrous for right or left hand users
Caliber Specific Pilots and Mandrels (sold separately)
Innovative cutter design that can zero the cutter to the pilot/mandrel and then adjust to desired neck thickness
Limited Lifetime Warranty