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The RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner is the best in the business when it comes to taking care of cartridge cases. It has a state of the art design with a stainless tank containing a huge number of brass cases. It works quickly when it comes to removing tarnishes, carbon build ups, and metal oxides.

This ultrasonic case cleaner makes a great addition in any gunsmith’s workshop. There are a lot of presets when it comes to settings and temperature levels that make handling different types of cleaning easier.

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This product is very efficient when it comes to cleaning brass cases. The combination of the 60W transducer, 100W heater, and the 36 kHz ultrasonic frequency makes the cleaning process work more effectively. You also don’t need to worry about missing the right time to change the solutions because it has a sensor that will give you that information. They made the control panel simpler to accommodate every user from beginners to experts along with the 5 presets for temperature settings. Draining is also easier with the built-in manual draining system.

The build quality is great and is built to last.