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All Sako rifles, including the Sako S20, feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels. There are many advantages to cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels: they’re durable, accurate and have excellent tolerances. The cold hammer forging technique changes the structure of the steel, increasing its toughness and making the barrel life of your rifle longer. CHF barrels do not have to be broken in, but instead have superb out-of-the-box accuracy.

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Sub MOA bolt action rifles, such as Sako S20, provide extreme accuracy
both on the range and in the wilderness.

MOA accuracy refers to the accuracy and consistency of the rifle. ‘MOA’ refers to Minute of Angle and means the rifle’s capability to constantly deliver a grouping of shots from a certain distance. So, sub MOA accuracy means that at 100 yards, Sako S20’s five shots would all lie under one inch apart.
In other words, repeatable accuracy is guaranteed.
The S20 tactical precision rear stock combines great modularity with unparalleled ergonomics for the most demanding precision shooters out there. It was created especially for long distance and precision shooting. The forend has integrated M-LOK placements on both sides of the stock and on the bottom, so attaching multiple accessories is possible.

The quick-adjustable cheek piece enables perfect alignment with the rifle scope, and the recoil pad’s height and angle can be adjusted to reduce felt recoil and to enable the most comfort in different shooting postures. The length of pull can also be adjusted with spacers for maximised control, accuracy and comfort. The pistol grip has a rough surface, helping you secure your grip even in the roughest conditions.

For the most optimal trigger ergonomics that fits different hand sizes, it’s possible to move the trigger either backwards (by 3 mm) or forwards (by 4 mm) with an Allen key. The weight of pull can also be adjusted (1–2 kg / 2–4 lbs). This way, you’ll always find the perfect pull for you.

S20 triggers are available in single stage or two stage variants. All components of their firing mechanism are assembled over a precisely machined aluminium frame to offer uncompromising competition grade trigger engagement.

The wide and smooth design of the trigger distributes pressure to a larger area, thus improving the feel of trigger sensitivity.

The S20 also has unique, improved safety features. The firing pin is blocked from moving forward and hitting the primer when safety is engaged, so the rifle won’t fire even if you drop it.