G TRUVELO CMS .338LAPUA 26″ 1-9twist

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The CMS .338 Lapua is designed as a precision rifle for long range targeting. Together with the
Truvelo proven barrel and action design, the combination of calibre and the ammunition used,
results in accurate shooting up to 1800m. Design features include a foldable stock, fully
adjustable recoil assembly, adjustable grip, stanag picatinny rails.

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Model CMS .338 Lapua
Calibre .338 Lapua
Action Type Bolt Action
Magazine Capacity 5
Barrel length 660mm
Overall length Unfolded: 1200mm| Folded: 960mm
Height 200mm
Width 50mm
Number of Rifling 6, 1:9
Locking 4 Lugs
Weight 6kg [Including Magazine]
Ammunition FMJ, Ball, AP
Accuracy Better than 1 M.O.A at 500m [Ammunition Dependant]
Effective Range 1800m [Ammunition Dependant]
Temperature Range – -32°C / +55°C
Adjustable Cheek Piece