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The Glock 48 MOS is the pinnacle of the Slimline series. The G 48 MOS has a slimmed-down version of the slide of the Glock 19, and it shares the Glock Marksman Barrel with the Gen 5 Glock 19. However, there is now an accessory rail. The finish is Glock’s Gen 5 standard nDLC (diamond-like carbon) finish. I for one am not in love with the silver NPVD finish of the standard G 48. Maybe it just reminds me of a “Saturday Night Special”. So for me, the new release in black complete with an accessory rail is only good news. Like all new generation Glocks, it lacks the finger grooves which most people agree is an improvement.

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Glock 48 MOS on the Range.
I was a bit ambivalent about the Glock 48 MOS. My lack of interest was generated by the Canadian issue. By way of explanation the Glock 43 was not legal to sell in Canada due to the barrel length. Canadian law makes it a crime for federally licensed shooters to have a handgun with a barrel of 105 mm or less. The G48 is the first pistol to come standard with a 106-mm barrel in Glock’s 37-year history as a handgun manufacturer. Coincidently!! Hence the rationale behind the G48. Make a legal Slimline Glock for the Canadian market. That’s the background and my feelings were the 48 had little place in the Glock lineup. Talk about a convert though. Shooting a Glock 48 now has made me a huge fan.

The best Glock grip and hand feel.
The Glock 48 MOS grip is slimmer than the Glock 19. The result is it more comfortable for those with smaller to medium hands. The combination of the slenderness and the beavertail of the frame actually lets you get a damn fine shooting grip. It reminds me a bit of a custom 1911 – maybe even better. The Glock 48, being lighter, snaps a tad more than a Glock 19 and as a result, felt a bit more frisky on the range. In a good way though. Like a horse that’s willing but just needs a bit of direction. Otherwise, it’s every bit as accurate as a Glock 19.

The G 48 10 shot mag.
Yes, ten shots are not going to cut it with the John Wicks out there. There is no extended Glock OEM magazine available for the 48 (yet!!) and due to the slimness of the frame a standard Glock magazine will not fit. Hollywood aside, 10 +1 is a fair capacity. Life is about tradeoffs and the fantastic grip and ease of carry of the Glock 48 MOS far outweigh the diminished capacity in my opinion.