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The PT100 is a semi automatic large frame pistol that is well constructed. It was designed with a well balanced features that makes this pistol very reliable. Result of the development of the firearm designers is the pistol which is popular among plenty of shooters in several countries. Design and materials were quite well chosen due to the demands of shooters. It can be used for the military, law enforcement or civilian use as well.

This gun is chambered with the .40 S&W ammunition and offers a quite accurate firing. Maximum magazine capacity of this model is 11 rounds. What seems to be the best amount for this model as the designers judged each option. Barrel length of this gun is 5.0 inches and overall length is 8.5 inches. Weight of the gun is 964 g. It is a short recoil operated, striker fired pistol.

When considering the suitability of this model for concealed carry it is highly subjective and difficult to generalized. However, this model can meet demands of those who are fans of concealed carry as well as those who are able to carry openly. Cartridge, trigger guard, sights and grips are really well designed. This model is fashioned after the model Beretta 96. Models PT 100 and PT 101 are large frame pistols that feature an ambidextrous three position safety, loaded chamber indicator. Sights of this model are adjustable.